Local Drummer Showcase # 1

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Probably the biggest influence to my own local drumming career is Alan Lukala.  Alan is one of a few local drummers that can actually say they have over 3 decades of music experience in the field of drums.  Alan can easily read drum music notation faster than most read the English language in print.  His talent in rock, jazz, and latin is second to none amongst local drummers.  Currently, Alan teaches periodically through the Music Depot music store and only does a few shows a year mainly in jazz settings but also stage productions.  The drumset in his photo was custom built for him to his specs. Alan studied with Canadian drumming great Rick Gratton  and studied drums for many years in the Toronto area before moving back to the Sault.  Alan is easily one of the best players around.

Another amazing local drummer is Ed Young and yes, another of the over 3 decades playing drums club and still going strong.   My first introduction to Ed was with a band Spring Hill Jack (sp) at Algoma University back many decades ago.  Ed is not only a great drummer but also guitarist and song writer.  He has been a staple at Tom Wall's Music as a teacher.  Ed can easily be called the hardest working drummer in town and currently plays in numerous bands like Blues Harvest, Buffalo Alice along with numerous side projects like Big Suit and more.   Ed also worked for the Ayotte Drum company many years ago.

I first heard Jimmie Chiverelli at last years Rotaryfest 2nd Stage when his band Kalle Mattson followed my band on stage.   The first thing I noticed about Jimmie's playing was how in the pocket it was which seems to be a lost art amongst local drummers lately.  Jimmie is also a very dynamic player that plays for the song rather than himself.   I later found out Jimmie is an avid Bruce Springsteen fan along with his drummer Max Weinberg.   Jimmie and his band Kalle Mattson are currently riding high in popularity and doing a lot of touring around Canada. (Jimmie photo courtesy of Donna Hopper)

Ric Datson is simply the Sault's most recognizable drummer.   Yet another member of the over 3 decades in the music biz drummer club, he shows no signs of slowing down.  He currently plays in the country rock band "Boneyard" and also the classic rock band "That's Chester".    Ric is also a local music historian and works for our local museum keeping great info on the Sault's music history amongst other things.   Ric's drumming has always been explosive and is noted for his big finishes to songs.   Although his music roots are now in rock and country, I first met Ric when he was playing in the semi punkish band Youth in Asia many decades ago.
That's Chester on Facebook

I only recently met Kev Riain  when his band and my band were competing in the KISS Battle of the bands held some months ago.   His band Sense of Truth are in the final stages of recording and releasing an album and I'm looking forward to hearing it.   Kev's playing is definitely solid and he has a ton of energy behind the kit but he also has dynamics which like I mentioned earlier, seems to be lost with many local drummers.  His playing at this show that included a ton of players easily stood out and his personality did the same.   I don't know much about Kev or his playing, though I like what I hear so far, but I do sense (no pun intended ;-) Kev will continue to grow as a musician.  Expect good things from Sense of Truth. (photo courtesy of Curtoneil.com)

Lastly for this first segment of the Local Drummer Showcase #1 is yours truly me, Glen "the Freq" Thomas.  I will simply say that I love playing all styles of music and will never say no to attempting a style of music.   Researching and talking about local music has always been a love and I will always attempt to throw something online for others to read.  Drum wise, I'm part of the over 3 decades club and continue to play and record to this day.  I've recorded albums for Rainhorses, Patrick Stewart, Wishbone, Huckster and currently play in my own band Flat Stanley which is celebrating 10 years together this summer.  My favourite music is Jazz and Progressive Rock.  Drum wise, I love playing jazz more than anything.  I'm an avid music gear collector and built the kit shown in my photo.  I also play other musical instruments and love writing and recording my own music in my home studio.

Stay tuned for "Local Drummer Showcase #2"

Glen "the Freq"


  1. Anonymous says:

    You missed a few...
    Angelo Foggia
    Brian Egglesfield
    Anthony Fabiano
    there's probably some others as well, I just can't recall at the moment.

  1. Anthony Fabiano aka Tony Fabz? |O| !!! He plays drums? It's funny how you dropped his name with the other 2 because he's not even close to their caliber. Are you Tony or Anthony? I suggest you go visit his band's site for the Fabz bio because unfortunately, there are more interesting local players to showcase on "The Barking Eye" than Mr. Fabz. Sorry. ;-)

    As for other drummers being mentioned, read the title of the topic.
    It's "Local Drummer Showcase #1". #2 and more are coming in the near future. ;-)

  1. I must interject some info here. "The Barking Eye" is a blog, not a forum. It is about me, Glen "the Freq" Thomas, writing about music, musicians and graphic artists in the Sault area. This is NOT a forum where anything will be posted by the public. There is a drastic difference. All public posts are screened so not every comment will be posted unlike most forums.

    I was asked again about certain drummers for this Showcase topic
    by a reader. First, I will not write about "every" local drummer. That is just impossible and not the point of the showcase topic. I will write on drummers that interest me and those that I've actually seen play. I cannot write on anyone I've not actually heard play. Also, the drummers and or musicians that I do write about may not be interesting to you, and I can't help that, but hopefully I will touch on a few you do like. Some of the drummers I've written about also have other interesting qualities outside of music that warrant honourable mention but the fact remains, for this showcase thread, I've had to have heard them. Unfortunately, as life would have it, there are people that won't be written about on here for obvious reasons and here are some of them. 1. In my opinion, they're bad musicians 2. Instigators of bullshit 3. I've not seen them play 4. I don't know who they are. 5. There are drummers I have seen and wish to write about first.

    That's the simple take on this. As for Mr. Fabulous, he won't be written about here for my own reasons which involves the 5 points I stated above. You can either accept that OR write about him yourself. ;-) I'm sorry, but that's the way the drum rolls.. ;-)

    Glen "the Freq"