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One of the most popular local bands around in the late 80's was a band called "Vandyl" featuring Dale Corcoran on vocals, Chris Lloyd on guitar, Tim Harrington on bass, Howard Bertolo on keyboards and Augustino on drums.  I should say that this was the line up for the band "Riggy Zomba" that later changed it's name to "Vandyl" when it set out on the Ontario band circuit.  In the photo above, left to right is,  Howard, Chris, (Augustino's replacement ?) Tim and Dale.  The band changed drummers a few times along with guitar players before nailing a very solid performing lineup.  The last drummer I saw with the band was by far the best but not from the Sault.  Also, replacing Chris Lloyd on guitar was another out of town player.  I don't recall his name but do remember he had a nicname that he went by.  "Squid" maybe? |O| The band vanished quickly after a few years of touring and the members splintered into various touring acts but seeing the band Vandyl at the old Victoria House in the Sault was always a highlight.  Why the name change?   Dale told me that it was because the agents didn't like the Riggy Zomba name.  Personally, the agent goofed as I think it's a great name, and so did Dale but Ontario music agents were not too swift back in those days. ;-)  Vandyl use to play songs by Europe, Judas Priest, Honeymoon Suite, Max Webster just to name a few.  This was the glam rock days so there was big hair and spandex a plenty but also solid musicianship and showmanship.  When the band was called "Riggy Zomba", they didn't really catch on around the local venues but did open for the heavy metal band Anvil.  I never saw the show but actually have the poster with a Riggy Zomba poster with it.  Collector's piece??? Ya never know. |O|   Once they did the name change and started touring, the band tightened up and were a band that probably could have made it had they stuck with it.

When the band split, Howard and Tim joined with Canadian rock bands "The Works" but also Aldo Nova for a tour and Tim did a stint with Lee Arron if I remember right.   Dale went onto perform in numerous tribute acts which he still does.   The last time I talked to Chris Lloyd was decades ago and he quit the band to do something in customs, border security and Augustino became a hair dresser and then vanished from the Sault almost overnight.  The other members I have no clue but I do think the last drummer is with a band called "the Joys".  I could be wrong on that. ;-)

Now, here's a really RARE treat.   This recording that I'm going to spring on you is so rare that I'm not even sure Dale from the band knows it exists but, being a collector of some local band goodies back in the day, I came across this "ORIGINAL" song by Vandyl in my good ole box of cassettes in my basement.   This is probably the only original song the band wrote.  It was the only one I ever heard the band play live.   The song is missing the intro but contains most of the song.  The style is similar to the band Europe, but also bands like Honeymoon Suite and Loverboy.   This original song is called "Teenage Rebel" and to top it off, this is a LIVE recording of the band. ;-). 

Enjoy this rare yet kinda dated sounding original song by "Vandyl".

Note:  Stay tuned for some info on Dale's new project in the near future.

Glen "the Freq"


  1. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Jones was a drummer for Vandyl for a while. He was one of the best drummers they ever had. Interestingly enough, he became a hair dresser...

  1. Here is an update to the Vandyl story sent to me by Dale the singer for the band.

    "Hey Glen, I can Clear up a few things here and there in the story. The drummer in this picture is named Guy Schryer, and the last drummer we had was Kevin Jones, from Vancouver, also the Guitarist your referring to " Squid" his name is Shaun Sanders, who now plays with Tim Hendry's Elvis tribute show.

    And as for this song, wow thats a blast from the past isn't it, I have never heard this live recording, although many do exist, we did have an EP with more songs on, and we did perform them all in our live shows. As a matter of fact there exists a tape of Riggy Zomba's one and only Original recording " living in a dreamworld", its out there somewhere.
    Great what your doing here with all your stories and keeping the music in the Soo alive..

    And Kevin Jones is now full fledged Police officer, Chris Lloyd is a corporate Lawyer.

    Dale Corcoran"