2011 Final Year for Freq`s Music Planet

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After creating both the Musician's Central forum 10 years ago on Soonet and Freq's Music Planet forum the past 7 years, I've run out of time to maintain the site with all the music projects I've been currently involved with. To some the site has been entertaining while to others, it's been a thorn in their sides but for me, it's been a labour of love. To have had 2 forums exist for a total of 10 years these days is a long shot but it happened and I'm proud of that. Alas, for me though, I have so many other things I want to attempt and experiment with which leaves less time to dedicate to forums. I will most likely stop the Barking Eye blog also at the end of 2011 too just because interest in it has not been very strong.  Freq's Music Planet on the other hand has had a great increase in traffic these past 3 years which makes this venture all worth while, however it`s time to move on as the saying goes. I do have other media projects in the works, one being a local music distribution site but I'm not sure yet if this is going to fly. I'm still working on the legal side of that. ;-) I have been tossing the idea of a recording studio too. Right now I have my own studio "Screaming Mosquito" but I'm considering the expansion of it to do other peoples projects. Again, not sure yet.

Right now, writing and recording original music of my own and others is my main focus and I want to dedicate even more time to that but also my graphics company Barking Eye Productions. Those 2 things are my love these days. At the end of 2011, I will decide on whether to fold this blog and the forum or pass it on to someone else. I have not given it much thought at this time. ;-) The forum gets roughly 50 to 80 hits a day which is pretty good for a forum that is not really advertised. It's just time to try other things. I will let everyone know of the forum's future when the time comes at the end of 2011.

The world is suppose to end in 2012 anyways so you won't really miss this blog or forum anyways.. HA! ;-)  Still expect the same pile of goop for the remainder of the year though.  :-)

Glen The Freq Thomas

The Return of "Wishbone"

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It's been a long few years for local rockers Wishbone since trying to get a fan base built in good old Sault Ste. Marie.  Through a number of member changes in the band since the recording of their debut
CD "Making Wishes, Breaking Bones", the band hopes that 2011 will be a positive change for them.

The concept of the band was developed by singer/ guitarist/ song writer Dennis Duguay who is the main song writer in the band.  He constantly writes material but he also has vision of how his material should be laid out.  That is not to say other members in the band cannot contribute or even add their own material. What I mean is that Dennis writes a song that makes it easy for the listener to visualize what he's singing about.  Without a doubt, the reason Wishbone has forged through so much good and bad is simply the focus of Dennis.  He wants to climb and build to reach his dream, just like the rest of us. ;-)

Over the past few years the band has experienced many ups and downs, and some have cost the band in both it's reputation but also in members in the band.  Of course, this happens to many bands in the business but for a band that had some great momentum on their side, the hard luck really took a chunk out of the bands forward motion.  That, hopefully will change for 2011 as the band gets ready to embark on new shows and a new CD for this coming year.  With all of that, even more music for yet a 3rd album is also ready developed by Dennis and Chris.  Yes, returning to the drum seat is yours truly |O|, Glen Thomas but also new lead guitarist Tony Kajnar.  After recording  both Wishbone albums, I decided to part ways with the band because of  internal problems within the band.  After a year or so absence from the band and happily involved in my own projects, Dennis contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a reunion of the band or what is more appropriately called a rejuvenation of the band.  Having a great love for the music and the musicianship in Wishbone, we had a meeting, talked over the problems and the future of the band and brought in my guitarist from my band Flat Stanley to fill the position of lead guitarist.  The addition of Tony on guitar adds a great dimension to the band and his focus and love of original material will help Wishbone gain new ground this year.  Of course, this also marks the rebirth of the rhythm section of Glen Thomas and bassist Chris Smith who are showcased on both Wishbone albums
and a few live videos on Youtube.  For me, that is one of the positive parts of returning to the band.  Being that Chris and I both play multiple musical instruments especially drums and bass, this is a definite plus.  The other positive is to play live all the original material I had a part in creating. With the addition of Tony Kajnar on guitar, brings a new depth and variety in the musicianship, a balance between members on a personal level, but also more focus on the music during the writing process but also in our live shows.  Tony is a very dedicated musician who I'm sure will help Wishbone achieve positive results this year. The clock is ticking and we shall see if this all pans out well for the fans first and foremost but also for the band.  We are all pumped in the band, so let's all hope for the best. |O|

What's coming up next for Wishbone?  Well, at this stage of the game we have a 2nd album already recorded and ready for pressing and will hopefully release it soon.  The album has changed titles a few times but Dennis has now retitled it "Wishbone - The Kill".  Expect to hear some of this material live soon.  You may have heard a few songs off the album but soon you will hear all of it.   On the gig front, venues have been asking about the band so look for us live soon around town when we have finished preparing our live show.  We are also hoping for a spot in this years upcoming Rotaryfest for 2011.  Again, we will confirm all news and shows as we get things organized.

As you might expect, band member changes always affect fans but we're hoping you like the new lineup but also the partial return of the old lineup from the original Wishbone recordings.

Just a side note.   The graphics I crreated for Wishbone are for promotional use.  These do not reflect the actual 2nd album  cover at all.  I just enjoy creating graphics for projects I'm in whether they are used on posters, CD's or just for website promotion.   Speaking of websites,  Wishbone has a new website online where you can hear tracks from both albums but also view photos and videos of the band along with graphics I come up with..   Please visit our new website below and feel free to spread the music of Wishbone around. 

Official Wishbone Website: http://www.myspace.com/wishbonemuzic

If you are interested in buying a CD of Wishbone's first album,
email us here  wishbone_muzic@yahoo.ca

All graphics are Copyright 2011 Glen Thomas (Barking Eye Graphics).