New CD's by Some Local Bands

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First on the list in the new CD "Spin" by Big Wheel and the Spokes. Featuring the talents of JAY CASE ~ guitar, vocals, CLIFF ALLOY ~ drums, backing vocals, FRANK DERESTI ~ bass, backing vocals. The music is a smooth merger of jazz, blues and funk.
I immediately hear influences of "The Meters" in a few of their tunes who are among my favourite bands. ;-) There is also a James Brown influence. The album was recorded live off the floor at Stereo Soul Studio here in Sault Ste. Marie. Another sweet addition is a horn section on the album. Big Wheel and the Spokes are embarking on a short summer tour so check them out if you can. They presently tour as a 3 piece.

Listen to a few tracks off their new and past albums on their official site below.
Big Wheel and the Spokes

Next on the list are local rockers "Wishbone" who's second album should be coming out any day now. The title was supposedly "St. Misery" but rumour has it that may have changed. No word on the new title yet. The 2nd album was recorded in late 1999 and early 2010 at Stereo Soul Studio in Sault Ste. Marie. Their first album "Making Wishes Breaking Bones" garnered pretty good interest and sales and sold well over 400 copies in a short time last year. While that album was still warm, Wishbone decided to go back in the studio to nail down a follow up. The new album contains a better variety of songs and easily shows the band experimenting in new directions. Song's like "The Messenger" and "Dream the Dream" are destined to become fan favourites judging by the band's performance of these songs live at last years Rotaryfest. Wishbone has undergone a few member changes in it's history but for the sake of the music, both of the albums recorded were done by this line up. DENNIS DUGUAY guitar and vocals, GLEN THOMAS on Drums and vocals, JEREMEY SALATUK on guitar and vocals, CHRIS SMITH on bass and vocals. Yes, I'm the drummer on these 2 albums :-) You can listen to 3 new songs off the new album on their myspace page or you can also visit the Wishbone Tribute page at the links below. Wishbone is probably one of only a few local rock bands that are not in the metal style. I like to call that "old school" rock. ;-) Influences range from Big Sugar, Thin Lizzy, Gun's and Roses and even Blue Rodeo yet, in their music, it's hard to see that but it's there. :-)

The Official Wishbone Site
Wishbone Tribute Site