I Love Surprises :-)

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in


Once in a while you receive something from someone that just puts a smile on your face just because it brings back a bunch of memories.   A fan of my band Flat Stanley gave me a few rare recordings of us during a sound check at a local bar called "Smack Daddies".   Although not flattering in any way, they are fun to listen to and it helps old people like me remember what our old song list was like.   One thing about my band Flat Stanley is that we like to experiment with music.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  In this recording, it obviously doesn't work but it was an experiment and failures happen.  My singer hates swearing on the mic so during this song, he'd turn his head and swear off mic |O|.  Also, he loved fiddling with guitar leads during sound checks and the ending of this song is full of that.  I remember we use to play a song off Geddy Lee's solo album and that tanked pretty bad live.  Yes, it sucked.   We just couldn't handle half of the experimental stuff vocally.   Every band has it's embarrassments. ;-)  Other songs my friend gave me were "Grace to Grace" by Geddy Lee which we're brutal on,  "Lost and Found by Honeymoon Suite which sounds ok for the most part and lastly  "Too Much" by the Dave Mathews Band, which again, like the 9 Inch Nails cover, isn't flattering but it shows that we did put some work into attempting to make it work.

If you have a video or recording of your band doing the "wrong" material like my band and aren't afraid to shake your head and laugh, let me know and I'll post it.  I will post a few more of my band Flat Stanley's failures soon just for shits and giggles. ;-)  It's easy to post a vid or recording when you perform well, but I want to put a spin on it and show the flubs and imperfections.  We all have them. ;-)