No KISS For You, Soo

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in

It's apparent to me that the band KISS is not coming to the Sault without 1. a lot of money being waved in their faces no matter how much interest from fans there is  2.  A lot of begging and crying 3.  that Sault snow weather belt vanishes completely or the Sault moves closer to the equator. |O|

Everybody is writing about this and it's getting tired fast.   Instead of wasting our time on KISS coming here, let's try and get some other acts here that actually want to play here that can fill an arena.  The perfect scenario would be to have KISS at Runway Park where 1000's more could  attend but for some reason, the Essar is the focal point which is stupid since a summer outdoor show would be best.  As for the KISS Battle of the Bands show, welllllllll.  In my opinion, it was a farce from the get go.  It seemed odd that after this show, the radio stations sponsoring this Battle went amuck with firing people, changing formats and what not.   Is it all related?  I'm not sure but everything seems kinda connected.  You know me, I love to read between the lines and come up with conspiracy theories HA!  None the less KISS still hasn't played here and the winner of the contest Garden of Bedlam have hopefully moved on without this farce affecting them too much.  

I looked at the KISS tour schedule and there is space to add a few shows just before the Toronto date but why not just add the Sault date there in the first place if they had any intentions on playing it.   Who knows? 

Did I mention their latest album is horrible? Wow.  I'm not really a KISS fan but that's a pretty lame album, but then again, most of their newer albums are.  It seems the original lineup wrote the strongest music.  

So, stop holding your breath  for KISS and try and focus on more deserving acts to play the Sault.  The list is long.AC/ DC would be cool.  RUSH would be awesome.  Paul McCartney,  Porcupine Tree, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette, etc.  Think people. :-)