Local Drummer Showcase # 2

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 Dan Nystedt is an interesting drummer that really reminds me of the drummer in the recording act, The Black Keys.   Dan has an unusual animated style and plays loose most of the time but it always suits the band's music.   I love his playing.  Dan was a neighbour of mine as a kid and use to listen to my bands practice through my basement window.   I didn't know he became a drummer until I saw his band "the Revue".  When I did see this band I immediately loved them and their music.  They were the hottest original act in town at that time but like most bands, it's hard to maintain that momentum and the band splintered apart.  Dan is a very talented individual who along with being a creative drummer, is also a film maker who is presently doing a film on our railroad.

Bob Clarke is without a doubt a Sault Ste. Marie drumming legend.  I heard about him as a kid long before I ever touched a drumset from my brother who was also a musician at the same time as Bob.   In the 60's Bob was part of the band The Amen who also became hugely popular and went on to record 2 original songs that focus on Bob's drumming skills.  Bob went on to tour with the Canadian band Jackson Hawk  who were nominated for a Juno.   Later on in life Bob played in numerous local bands and that's when I first saw Bob play.   He has definite jazz chops and an absolutely killer blues shuffle.  Bob and many of his fellow musicians took part in the extremely successful "18 Forever" concert back in 2007.  His photo was taken from that event.  Bob is noted for his tasteful drum solos and even those are legend throughout his years playing in Toronto area with The Amen.
http://www.garagehangover.com_The Amen with Bob

Mike Lilley is without a doubt one of the Sault's top drummers.  In his youth, Mike was notorious for asking a ton of questions about drumming and music in general.  Yes, he drove me nuts. |O|  I've known Mike since he was a kid and also know his dad Colin who is also a fabulous singer and musician.   Mike played in numerous local bands before leaving the Sault to become a teacher in the Windsor area.   Mike has recorded a few projects and even drummed for a touring  Kiss tribute band years ago in full makeup.  Mike is one of only a few local drummers to take on the technology side of keyboard sequencing while he plays drums on stage.

 Cliff Alloy is a drummer that has an extremely loose jazzy style who loves to experiment during live performances.  He is also the most animated drummer I've seen in town.  There are times I wonder
if he even sits down when he plays. ;-)  Cliff's playing can be heard with the killer local band "Big Wheel and the Spokes".   They have 2 albums out and recently did a short Ontario tour.   He is also a fan of drum collecting and over the years, had some nice kits   Cliff also took my place in the Huckster band after I left last year.  He is a very tasteful player that is easily at home with jazz, blues and some funk.  Cliff and his
band Big Wheel and the Spokes are a must see.  

I first saw Mike Oakley play back in the 70's when he was part of the Lakeway Highschool band playing songs from Movies and TV shows like Mash and Rocky.   It wasn't until I saw him play at a school show when his playing and drum solo totally influenced me.  I knew at that point I had to get better on a drum kit.  Mike made this beat up old Ludwig/ Premier mish mosh kit sing for that show.  I had just started playing and I was trying to absorb all I could from local players but Mike impressed me so much with his playing on that gig that I never forgot it.  Over the years, Mike has been in numerous bands but gone in and out of drumming for many personal reasons.  Whenever he makes his return, he always has a good solid rock band in front of him and kicks with solid rock drumming.  Some may remember the WFO band.  Cool solid rock band.   Mike is also a great singer and one of the few local lead vocal drummers around.   His present band is Sneaky Pete and will be out soon from what the word is on the streets.   Mike and I have talked drums many times over the years and shared the stage a few times in Battle of the Bands in past years. 
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