When the Soo Was "Swamped"

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Back in the late 90's early 2000 a band of 3 friends put together a bar band to try and get their feet wet in the local music scene in Sault Ste. Marie.  The musicians had played in various other bands prior to "Swamped" but this new band was to venture into original material.  The band played the Nicolet on occasions playing modern rock and some classic rock material and were generally well accepted.   Swamped also played a Queen Street show and if I remember correctly, played on the corner of Dennis and Queen Street along with other bands placed in different spots on Queen street.   The drummer Jeff Pennet played in the country rock band Marshal Law for years and after Swamped, drummed for me in a band called Route 69 while I played bass.  Jeff is what is known as a south paw drummer and set's his kit up rather oddly  but  it's a tribute to his dad who use to setup the same way.   The band went on to record an EP but for some reason, 2 songs from it ended up in my collection of tapes with no label unfortunately.   I've recently contacted Joby, singer/ guitarist for the band and he is going to give me  the entire EP but until then, I have converted the 2 songs I have to video and did a quick logo for it just to at least let you hear these 2 songs.   The band Swamped also played the Rotaryfest Parade one year and I actually filled in on drums for Jeff as he had a prior engagement.   We just played a bunch of old rock and roll covers but the band started to get a following as a party band during it's short life.   As with many bands,  the recording process seemed to end the life of Swamped and only these handful of recordings remain.  I asked Joby for photos but as of yet, he's not found any so all that we have is a part of the music. These recordings are horrible quality from an old tape so hopefully Joby gives me the released version of their album soon and I will edit the music on the vid.

Here are the members of Swamped:
Josh St. Amour - bass
Jeff Pennet - Drums
Joby McClelland - Vocals, Guitar

Swamped - "On and On Again"

Swamped - Walking the Tightrope