Rotaryfest 2nd Stage Line up Announced (Kinda ??) July 16-17 2010

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Every year the Second Stage drama gets stranger than the previous one. Why? I have no idea. None the less, some of the acts were announced today on their official Facebook page. In an even more puzzling move, some acts will be announced at later dates as the event closes in. That's either to wait confirmation of the acts or to hide the identity of certain bands so as to not cause riots or, hanky panky, or a possibility of headliners from out of town? Whatever the reason, it's odd but this is the Sault and you kind of expect things like this.  I'm a little bit disappointed in the lineup as it seems to be a repeat of a previous 2nd Stage lineup but there are a few new acts one being Garden of Bedlam.  |O| Anyways, here is the lineup for this years event.

Friday July 16th

5:00 - Craig West Band
6:00 - Red Monkey
7:00 - The Great Bloomers (Toronto)
8:00 - Kalle Mattson
9:00 - To Be Announced Friday July 2nd!
NOW CONFIRMED> The Wooden Sky (Toronto)

Saturday July 17th

1:00 - Blues Harvest
2:00 - Catherine Taddo
3:00 - Greg McLaughlin
4:00 - Porter
5:00 - To Be Announced Saturday July 3rd!
6:00 - The Wild Turkeys
7:00 - To Be Announced Wednesday June 30th!
CONFIRMED! > Amanda Rheaume (Ottawa)
8:00 - Big Wheel & The Spokes
9:00 - To Be Announced Monday July 5th!!!!
10:00 - Garden of Bedlam


  1. I got a phone call saying that I was on the reserve list. Which was the nice considering that past years I have been ignored. But since the band I'm in was playing main stage they wanted to "give someone else a chance" for second stage. Not sure I get that logic, but oh well.

  1. Two new bands are confirmed! Amanda Rheaume from Ottawa was today's mystery announcement, she'll be on July 17th at 7:00 PM. Myspace page is Plus, SooNews confirms that Toronto's The Wooden Sky are headlining on the 16th at 9:00 PM, which is the muystery slot for Friday. Their MySpace is Source for that is

    Also, SooNews confirmed that Glory Days, a Bruce Springsteen tribute, is headlining the First Stage at Clergue Park, though I haven't seen a confirmed complete lineup for it. Source is

    Hope this is some help to all you Rotaryfest attendees!

  1. Hey Brian.. Reserve act? That's truly odd. You're either in or out. I don't get it. My biggest beef with this Rotaryfest thing has always been the out of town bands playing. The concept of Rotaryfest to me has always been "local" and I thought it was known as "community days" where for decades is was based on local talent. Now we have out of town bands and that makes no sense to me. I've always considered it a slap in the face to local musicians when they hire out of town bands for Rotary leaving local bands to watch. I guess the proper technique is to start a local band, relocate elsewhere and then book Rotary and then you'll get booked. |O| It's screwy plain and simple.

    Rob, the Springsteen tribute band contains 2 guys originally from the Soo.. Serge Tremblay as Bruce and Paolo Erme on drums so in that sense, being Sault based musicians. I'm sure they're making more coin than the Sault bands though. |O| There was a video of the band online somewhere. They sound pretty good and I'm sure it will go over.

  1. Ah nice! Still haven't heard the actual complete bands for the first stage though, I wonder why not

  1. I never heard of it either. Maybe they were being nice. Basically said if someone can't make it, they'll slot me in. But yes, they do have a short list of bands. You know, kinda like second string on a hockey team. Being called up from the minors? :)

    Yes, once again Second Stage has out of town bands. I don't agree either. That sucks donkey balls!