Some Rare Local Sault Band Videos

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For the longest time I have searched for rare recordings and videos of local Sault bands or bands from other areas featuring local musicians.  No easy task since video has really only been popular for the past 2 decades.  In the 70's,  film was the media and today, hard to transfer to digital without proper gear.  None the less I have found a few from various online sources.   You might consider this a bit of a history lesson ;-).

First video is ultra rare.  It's a video of the extremely popular local band called "The Reggulars" who were leaders of the new wave somewhat punkish bands to become big draws in the early 80's.   Unfortunately, this video's sound is really low and you have to crank it.  This was filmed at the old Victoria House Bar that is now gone.  The P.A. system is mine ;-)

The other popular new wave style band that was extremely popular was called "The Vox".  Again, early 80's.  I remember selling their drummer my very first drumset and them playing a concert in the Memorial Gardens parking lot area many years ago.  They were a fun band and I do believe did some recording.  Very hard to find material.  Here is a video of them at the Zombie A Go Go, the local home for many bands of similar styles.  This video was performed there.  You could always tell the Zombie A Go Go by the back wall painting and it's visible in this video.  As for my old drumset, I bought it back and it's in my basement. ;-)

 One of the most popular guitarists in the Sault was Keith Danby.  He played in numerous bands before moving away but he is still playing and I recently connected with him through a mutual friend.  I first met
Keith when he was with a band called "The Drive" and further through local bass player Dan Boden for
a few band jams.  I think the last time I saw him was when Arnill's Music first moved to Queen street.

After Keith moved most of us just heard of him playing in a band called "Jack Wrabbit" and that was it.
Keith has numerous videos of his music projects over the years on his Youtube channel but I picked this video because it shows Keith's history which includes some of the time he was growing up in the Sault.
It's funny how I remember him playing Van Halen licks in the music store but also playing Rush tunes,
like Spirit of the Radio and 2112, but I do.

Another find is this video of Sonny Boy Mick.  Most locals won't know this band as I don't think they've made appearance here BUT, the guitarist and lead singer is Steve McPhail, long time Saultite and member of the old band Edison Slave and yes.........Bedrock that use to play the local scene in the late 70's and early 80's.   Steve also worked with the road band "Total Stranger" who put out an album that I have somewhere in my collection.   I saw them a few times live back when the Royal Hotel was a music scene staple here.   Steve continues to play and last I heard had joined forces with local drummer Paola Erme who left the Sault years ago.  I believe they are now both in Sonny Boy Mick.

Lastly, this is the band Human Disorder featuring local guitarist/ singer Jason
Talifer and local drummer Joe Laverne back a few years. I have one of their albums. It's truly heavy if you're into that sort of thing. I admire the tightness of the band but I've never been a fan of the cookie monster vocal "thang".
Still, there is no denying this band had talent. This is a rare video just recently posted so enjoy.

That's it for now.. Enjoy

Glen "The Freq"