Basswerx Recording Studio Update

Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in

I have just recently talked to Scott Kennedy, owner of the Basswerx Recording Studio and here is a brief update.  Scott tells me the studio is approximately 80 percent done and they are taking their time to make sure everything is done correctly.  He also told me that a new website and Facebook page is in development to promote the studio.  They want to keep everything low key until they are ready, which I respect.
The building they bought was completely gutted and studio plans were designed by a professional.  Those plans alone I know cost quite a bit.   To save money, Scott and partner Steve Cardiff both did most of the work themselves which included 100's of hours of drywalling, wood working, wiring, you name it.  I've talked to Steve and Scott in the past and they told me about the specialized walls and ceilings in this studio that were apparently extremely difficult to hang.  The term for these walls is called "floating".   This is a process where sub floors and walls are built inwards of existing walls and floors which helps sound proof the rooms.  Special materials are used (sound proof vinyl, foam or sponge) between the existing walls of the room and the new inner walls.  There are a number of products used.  This all helps the room dynamics and soundproofing qualities.  Basswerx's  old website had photos of  the early process of the construction but have been taken down now as the new website gets developed.  Scott tells me that they will let everyone know when they are ready to go and knowing Scott, it will be big.  The studio is based on Pro Tools software and Scott is a certified tech with this software.  As for the hardware,  no word but with Pro Tools, computer wise it will be Mac.  Right now, Scott and Steve have major dollars invested in this venture and it will be a pro series studio. I was told when they started this project that this studio will cater to professional recording acts along with local acts.

That's a brief update. 

Glen, the Freq :-)