There Were Four

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Local singer/ musician Dale Corcoran, who now lives in the U.K. has a new project in the works and it is called "There Were Four".   This is a Beatles Tribute act but one that showcases the Beatles solo work and also a renunion that never happened to the real band.  "There Were Four" are currently rehearsing and recording demos for their promotional ads and will hopefully be touring soon.  The band apears to be managed and promoted by Accent Entertainment based out of the United Kingdom.

The lineup of the band is as follows:

Dale Corcoran as Paul McCartney

Shaun Friedrich as John Lennon
                                                                                                                         Glen Knowler as George Harrison
Max Frudd as Ringo Starr

Here is a small description of the project from information found on their official Facebook site.

"Just to let you know a bit about what we at "There Were Four" are all about. We are not your typical "Beatles Tribute" band, we are a large scale production show, featuring the solo careers of each of the Beatles, culminating in a "reunion that never was". It is shaping up to be one of the most unique and professional shows on the theatre circuit. We are looking forward to bringing some joy and happiness, as well as "Beatle memories" to as many people around the world as we can.

Peace and Love

From The Cast of "There Were Four"
I've heard a few of their demos that are posted on their Facebook page and they sound pretty good and Beatle-ish.  Hopefully the will have a complete website done soon with video and audio samples.   The samples available on their Facebook site cannot be linked to this site so for now, you all have to suffer to hear them OR you can become a fan on their site and get a taste. :-)
Glen "the Freq".