New Videos from 4 Local Artists

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The first batch of videos are from the local band called "Cherry Crush"  featuring musicians;
Taryn Bugyra - Vocals
Jules Cote - Vocals, Guitar
John Amendola - Bass, Vocals
Justin Marandola - Drums

  The band has more of a dance music style than a rock one which is what I thought they were going to be but none the less, the band is good.  I'm sure they'll be quite popular once they have a few more gigs under their belts.   Here is a taste of the band via videos from their Youtube group.  The vids really show how strong Cherry Crush is vocally with Jules and Taryn sharing lead.

Cherry Crush Youtube Videos

   Next, we have a new video by Sonny Boy Mick.  Sonny Boy Mick is local singer/ guitarist and former Saultite, Steve McPhail.  The song is called "Nobody's Better Than You" and it can be viewed at this link. "Nobody's Better Than You Video".  The song and video are well produced and the music has a very folk rock flavour to it.   I did a write up on Steve a while back so you might want to check the archives on the Barking Eye for that.

From Sault Ste. Marie Michigan we have a few live videos from the band "The Hixx" featuring the merging of members of the old band "Mama's Boys" and "Hogan's Goat".   The band plays classic rock with a taste of country thrown in.   Local guitar great and owner of Grooves Music, Gary Hatch plays lead guitar in this band and some lead vocals on the second video. The band has been playing steady over the river.   Check out a video of "the Hixx" doing the Cars song "Let's Go" here >>   "The Hixx - Let's Go Video" and also the band doing the classic C.C.R song "Born on a Bayou"

Last, we have a video by Mike Cliffe, local guitarist and songwriter. This is a video Mike created for the song "Dog's Breakfast" that he and I recorded a little while ago.   The song is an instrumental experimental tune in the style of 70's Prog rock.  View the video at this link.
Dog's Breakfast Video by Mike Cliffe


Glen "The Freq"