Blackmeat Powder

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Blackmeat Powder is a heavy rock metal band based out of Peterborough Ontario Canada featuring
Blain Konkle - Vocals --- Sully McMahon - Bass --- Brad Davidson - Drums --
- Rob Bowler - Lead and Rhythm Guitars --- Paul Tikkanen - Lead and Rhythm Guitars.
(Paul Tikkanen is not in the photo above) 

Here is a brief bio from their website:

"After a failed attempt to resurrect another band and not wanting to lose momentum or the musical bond they had formed, Sully McMahon, Blain Konkle, and Rob Bowler walked away from the project, and started their own band. since that time, they've been recording in rob's apartment, affectionately known as the argyle abyss, losing things, relaxing, drinking beer, and laughing. they started looking for a drummer and finally found one in Brad Davidson, an old friend of the guys. last, but not least, they brought in another guitarist, Paul Tikkanen, to bring the edge to the band, that final piece of the Blackmeat Powder puzzle. hopefully by Christmas 2010 they will stumble thru the empties with the first Blackmeat Powder cd for all to hear!!! "

Paul Tikkanen is a local Saultite that left the city years ago to follow his musical dreams in original music.  He had his own band "Tikkanen" for a number of years and released a very solid debut album with that band.  After that, he was in numerous projects before taking a 13 year hiatus.  He returns in
this new band "Blackmeat Powder" that have been rehearsing for roughly a year and are working on both original songs and covers.  They recently posted videos on Facebook but unfortunately, those vids can't be linked to news blogs like this.  They are reportedly doing a show soon and hopefully, I'll have vids from it to post them on The Barking Eye In the meantime, you can visit their official Myspace page at the link below to get a taste of the band. 
The band definitely has roots in classic rock and metal.

Here are song samples from the band.  One song is called "Mulletboy"and it reminds me of Rush's "I Think I'm Going Bald".  It's also got a little humour in it which reminds me of the writing style of the band Max Webster. Listen to it and other tunes at the link below.
Music by Blackmeat Powder

Paul and I spent some time in our youth writing music in a band called "Thansis Colle".  At the time, no one wanted to hear original material and I remember doing a gig where we actually had the plug pulled on us because they hated what we were doing but honestly, that band was a highlight to my career and to this day I love the music we created.  Paul is a very talented guitarist and definitely has a style that is unique.  At the time we were together, no one sounded like him and that really got me interested in playing drums in his band. 

Stay tuned for vids of "Blackmeat Powder" as soon as I get them. ;-)