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Dale Corcoran on the left - Tim Harrington on the right (band-"Vandl")

I have a solid installment for Part 2 of the Flashback Attack series brought to you by The Barking Eye Blog.   One of the most talented musicians locally in the past few decades has been bass player Tim Harrington.  Most these days may have heard his name but have no idea of what Tim has done.  I'll give you just a brief history.  Locally, Tim became well known as the the bass player for the band "Riggy Zomba" that featured local singer Dale Corcoran, guitarist Chris Lloyd, keyboardist Howard Bertolo and drummer Augustino DeMartinis.  This band would later become the well known touring act Vandl with a few member changes along the way.  Tim would later play bass for Lee Aaron, Aldo Nova, The Works and a band that should have made it but didn't called "Wall of Silence".  

"Wall of Silence" put out one album called "Shock to the System".  The album is quite good and production is killer but unfortunately it was released in the doom year 1992 when grunge rock sent many melodic rock bands to their early graves.   "Wall of Silence" was one of them.  The album is worth a listen if you can find it but today is your lucky day because some sweet lovable music lover has posted most of the album on Youtube so sit back and enjoy a few tracks from the album that includes the solid bass playing of local artist Tim Harrington.   Other band members include Brian Malone lead vocals, Jim Huff guitar, Stuart Zaltz keyboards and Scott Lucas drums.

As a special bonus for all those doubting the old Freq about Tim being with Aldo Nova, I've added 2 videos that include not only one local Sault musician named Tim Harrington but a second local talent in videos with Aldo Nova.  The other being keyboardist Howard Bertolo who played with Tim in the band the Works and Vandl. Now if that wasn't enough I've added some ultra rare 1991 live footage of an Aldo Nova show featuring Tim Harrington along with Phil X. 

Here is the track listing for the Wall of Silence Album - "Shock to the System"

1. Shock to the System

2. Edge of a Heartbreak
3. It's Only Love
4. Last Nite
5. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
6. Addicted
7. Prove Your Love
8. Skin and Bones
9. Stop the Rain
10. Nobody's Hero

And now, a few songs for your listening pleasure.

Wall of Silence - Shock To the System

Wall of Silence - Addicted

Aldo Nova - Medicine Man

Aldo Nova - Blood On The Bricks

LIVE FOOTAGE of Aldo Nova with Tim Harrington and Phil X on guitar 1991