The Fall of Another Great CD Joint :-(

Posted: Sunday, October 31, 2010 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in

As one of CD Plus's employees Darren put it, "it's the end of an era".   After serving our local Soo community for well over 10 years, the franchise known as CD Plus has closed it's doors in good ole Sault Ste. Marie along with other communities, leaving all us fans of rare and obscure music and movies to fend for themselves.  Some may not remember the excellent CD shop known as Mr. Disc back in it's day but they were with owner Todd Gordon, the leading CD establishment specializing in getting the public rare material to sink their teeth into.  I LOVED that store but with the internet, piracy and used CD's selling so cheaply, Mr. Disc closed it's doors some years ago.  To fill that huge void, CD Plus made it's appearance in 2 locations locally but was later merged to the Cambrian Mall location as a single outlet.  Jake and the great staff there were the best and my own experiences with the staff and the material they could get for me were nothing shy of excellent.  I think Jake spent more time researching rare music and movies at home than he did at work so he could be on top of the game when dealing with customers at work.   You got to know the staff so well that in my own case,  they knew my tastes and any new release by artists I loved were already ordered and sitting there waiting for me.  It felt like I was on cruise control. They also promoted my own bands by letting us sell our CD's through their shop and put up posters.   My biggest enjoyment was buying old monster movies from them as Jake was on top of classic horror, sci fi and monster films.   All that is gone now, leaving us huge music and movie collectors like myself to deal with crappy square box jungles like Walmart where you can't special order anything but worse, nothing underground in the way of music is presented.   I can only say that I am stunned by CD Plus pulling the plug on our local store and wish Jake and staff the best.  Many thanks to all of them for feeding our addictions with truly rare media.  I've not talked to Jake yet but I hope that maybe, just maybe, a new independent CD and DVD joint might arise from one of these employees.  You just never know.  We can dream can't we? :-) Until then, thanks for all the great service, friendships, movies and music.   Best of luck to all of you.

Glen "the Freq".