New Year 2011, New Stories, New Music

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First, Happy New Year to all Barking Eye followers out there in internet land.  I know updates on this blog are not regular and probably won't be just because I have so much on the go but I do hope you hang in there for the topics I do post.  Lots of stuff is in the works for the coming weeks and months so please be patient.

Coming in the next few weeks are:

1.  New Episodes of "Attack of the Garage Bands" featuring the band "Machines Dream"
2.  New music news on local artists Kalle Mattson, Mike Cliffe,  Glen Thomas, Jim O'leary and more.
3.  News of a possible local music scene download site for local bands only may be in development.
4.  Show case on a few local photographers that cover musicians featuring Brian Tremblay, Donna Hopper and a few others
5.  A history of some of the local music venues that have come and gone over the years
6.  A story on why Sault Ste. Marie Ontario has no true rock radio station
7.  Flashback stories on local guitarist Frank Adamo and the long lost album he released many years ago and also the band "Big Suit" and their only CD release.
8. Plus lots of other insight and gossip around ye old music scene involving new bands and band break ups.
9. The truth surrounding the rumour that Basswerx Studios is now making a trial run with recording.
10. Story on sound systems and why local bands have faultered in using them.

Stay tuned!!!

Glen "the Freq" Thomas


  1. Greg says:

    Frank Adamo was my brother's guitar teacher from in the late eighties or early nineties. We were literally talking about Frank on Sunday. (01/22/12) I asked my brother who he wanted to thank in our album credits and he named only one name....Frank Adamo.

    RIP Frank