New "Chris Belsito" Album "Revelation Come Late"

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Here's a little plug for local artist Chris Belsito.  His new album has just been released.  I purchased the album from the Rad Zone, one of the few supporters of local music left in this city.

Chris Belsito’s "Revelation Come Late" 2011.
The 12-track CD was produced by Miguel Gauthier at Stereo Soul Studios.  The album features a wide array of sounds and styles. In addition to Chris, the album features performances by Craig West, Ed Young, Jay Case, Lindsay Pugh, Frank Deresti, Rachelle Risling, Dan Kreutzweiser, Brian Holmes and Miguel Gauthier. The biggest sound difference to me on this album is the addition of piano. Chris decided to stretch outside his normal realm of acoustic guitar to add this new dynamic to his music. Chris has always had a dark tone to his sound so adding piano seems to blend nicely with his writing style. Another added change is a little more rasp in his vocals, something not heard on earlier recordings.  Could this be a Tom Waits influence?  The CD is available for download on iTunes (or many of your other favorite download sites) and can be ordered online from IndiePool. It is also available by order through HMV, Chapters, and many other chains. In addition, if you live in Sault Ste. Marie, it is available at the Rad Zone and Case’s Music.

Official Website

Track listing is as follows:
1. Room 702
2. Candy Counsel
3. Blueprints
4. Best Silhouette
5. Strange Logic
6. One by One
7. Silence Breaks My Heart
8. Catatonic
9. Canopy of Stars
10. My Driver Comes
11. Curve of the World
12. Can I Change Your Mind