Flashback Attack # 3 !!!!!!

Posted: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in

Starting 2011's Flashback Attack series is a killer local band that consisted of some of the Sault's most stellar musicians all wrapped up in really nice, neat suits.   Yes, the band that should have had a stronger following but slipped through the holes in the local music scene  were known as "Big Suit".  The band consisted of guitar greats Jay Case and Brian Oja who also handled most of the vocals, drummer powerhouse Ed Yound who also sang and local bass player legend George "the Rav" Ravlich.  George would later be replaced by Frank Deresti on bass.  The band came from a number of defunct bands like Crankshaft and The Crank Shop.   Big Suit's mission was to play all original rock material on their gigs but like most local acts find out, that doesn't get you a lot of gigs so the shows were few and far between.  I had the pleasure of seeing the band live a few times and they were an extremely tight band with no lack of music chops.The band wrote and recorded one CD simply called "Big Suit" , released May of 2005 at a release party show at the Galazy Cinema from which their killer tune "Big Man on the Motorway" quickly became a fan
favourite.   The band's song also made it to an "extreme video" release for snowmachining and or downhill skiing.  I have no listing of the actual title.  Big Suit officially went on hiatus in 2009 but do get together for the rare reunion show.  Band members are spread out into other projects these days but rumours have it they had written enough material for a 2nd album.  Time will tell if they release this material.   All links to their old website and sound files are long gone and officially dead.  Posted below is a video presentation of the band's song "Big Man on the Motorway".  ENJOY!