Flashback Attack !!!

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Yes, if you haven't noticed already, I enjoy digging into the archives of our local music history and presenting many artists that most have not heard of, or haven't heard of in a long time.  I decided to create this section of the Barking Eye blog to showcase those long forgotten musicians who helped develop the local Sault music scene.  Please pass this page on to your friends as we reflect on
some very talented individuals who continue to  write, record and perform music.

First on the list is guitarist, singer, songwriter Steve McPhail.  It's been a long time since Steve has played the local music scene but there was a time his band Edison Slave, or Bedrock were common names throughout the local scene.   Edison Slave enjoyed a long loyal following here and I'm sure most fans miss them.   Steve hit the road with Bedrock but it wasn't too long after he was in the band "Total Stranger" with musicians from outside of the Sault.  Total Stranger went on to record 4 albums and toured throughout Canada.  I was lucky enough to see "Total Stranger" on 3 or 4 passes through the Sault on their tours.  Now a days, Steve plays in the band "Sonny Boy Nik" (http://www.myspace.com/sbmmusic).   The song I present today is from the first self titled "Total Stranger" album.  The track is called "Things You're Missing".  It was released around 1985 if memory serves me correctly.  Steve sings lead vocal and plays guitar on this song.

"Total Stranger-Things You're Missing"

Second, we have Frank Rodi, an extremely gifted guitar player who still has many fans around the Sault.  Frank is also a solid vocalist and song writer but it's his guitar playing that got people's attention.  Frank played in numerous local bands in the late 70's and 80's but he eventually found songwriting and original material to be his main focus.  The Frank Rodi Project was basically Frank, his material and a selection of guest musicians who helped him create and record his music.   How do I know this?  Well that's easy. I was the drummer on 2 of Frank's first recordings with the "Project".   2 songs were done during the first sessions.  One called "Jimmy" and the one I showcase today on this first Flashback Attack installment.  This song is called "Candy".   These 2 songs are more commercial sounding as Frank was shooting for a Journey/ Boston flavour at the time.   The musicians on this recording are as follows:  Frank Rodi - guitar and lead vocals, Gigi Micelli on backing vocals however he sings lead on the song called "Jimmy".  Both have similar voices. Bass duties were Dama Chandamo, keyboards Tony Bafone (I'm not quite sure on his name) and me, Glen Thomas on drums.  We rehearsed the 2 songs in my basment one night and recorded the next day at the now defunct Satelite Sound Studios.  All I can say is that is was a lot of fun.  The last local band Frank was part of before moving away from the Sault was called "Holy Diver".  Frank still records today and you can visit his website at (http://www.myspace.com/rodiproject).  Here now, is the song "Candy" by the Frank Rodi Project.  Time frame on this tune eludes me but I'll say late 80's early 90's.

"Frank Rodi Project - Candy"

Now for a really rare treat.  Third, we have local vocalist Paul Pozzebon.   Paul back in the 80's was one of the Sault's finest rock singers.  Paul was hired into a later version of my band Driver and we took 2nd place in a battle of the bands at the Back Door bar many years ago.  We were the only Canadian band in the show.  From there, Paul and I connected again in a band called "Hostage" and we recorded a song called "Too Much".   That song is rare but not as rare as the one I present today.  Paul was always busy writing and recording  and I just happened to find this ultra rare recording of his song called "In the City".  Guest musicians on this recording are not known to me.  It's been too long and there is no references to go off of.   It does sound like Frank Rodi on guitar but that's a guess.  It is Paul singing on the track.  He is the one that gave me this song almost 2 decades ago.   Paul was right into Judas Priest at the time and you can hear a little of that influence in this song.  After the band "Hostage" folded, Paul just vanished and I have no clue where he went.  He seemed to have dropped from the music scene altogether.  I will say honestly that probably only a handful of this recording exists today so enjoy one of the Sault's finest rock singers, Paul Pozzebon and his song "In the City" here on the Barking Eye's Flashback Attack.

"Paul Pozzebon - In the City"

I hope you enjoyed the first addition of this series.  Stay tuned as there are more rare tunes coming soon.

Glen "the Freq"