Errol Monchka - Local Artist Showcase #1

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         Born in the heart of the great Lakes, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada where he resides with his son Noah. Errol Monchka has made a career illustrating commercial illustration. Being able to create an array of styles, this talent has been a great asset to corp. art directors. Being able to illustrate extreme photo realism to powerful graphics, there is no end to the direction Errol has been able to enter. When assignments slow down, you can usually find Errol working on some amazing self promotional work. Presently Errol has been working on illustrations for Play Station and has raised the bar for digital creations.  Errol states, "I believe artists should constantly challenge themselves to create better work every piece they create." "Don't be afraid to push the limit of your skills." Errol is always willing to correspond with fellow artists to discuss everything from airbrushing, digital art, to marketing. Feel free to contact Errol anytime.

Errol's work has been viewed by many local Sault folks as they pass the Wardlaw gas station on Wellington Street West.   The entire building was airbrushed years ago.  Before that, he airbrushed the interior of the old Eastgate bar in florescent coloured murals that stood out with the aid of black lighting.  His paintings took up entire walls in the bar.  His most famous piece is one of the Edmund Fitzgerald ship that was lost in a tragic storm. This print can be purchased online ..."HERE".

Errol for a time was involved in airbrushing T-shirts with famous music and film stars as the theme. I saw a few when he first did them and they were stunning.  He recently did  this one of Bon Jovi below.

One of my personal faves of Errol's work is this one below that took Errol nearly 5 years to complete.
More local artist showcases are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Glen "the Freq"