Beatlemania On Tour - The Beatles Experience Sept 15-2010

Posted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 by •»¶hê ƒRëq»•-)•–––– in

Ok.  This is a bit confusing but from what I understand, this particular tribute band is called "The Beatles Experience" and the tour is called "Beatlemania on Tour".  Not to be confused with the actual Tribute act "Beatlemania" that played here last winter.  I think I have this correct.  There are soooo many Beatles Tribute acts out there and I've listened to quite a few and I'll say that some are just bad.   The original "Beatlemania" was great but that branched out into a franchise with numerous bands of the same name, touring the world.  I saw the original which is by far the best.  Another good one is "Rain" which again has a long time history of a top quality show.   The band that's coming here in September is ok.  Not the best.  Their videos on their site don't do them justice but if you like the Beatles and their music then September 15  at the Kiwanis Theatre at 8 p.m. in Sault Ste. Marie is for you.  Tickets are $39-59.   I love the Beatles so I'll probably venture out to this show. 
You can visit the the bands website here.   I always hope Tribute acts "look and sound" like the originals but lately, most have given up looking like them.  Kinda sucks really ;-)
The one thing that is cool is that this Paul McCartney plays a left handed bass like the original Paul.  That is rare.   See ya there

Freq :-)