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After a weeks holiday it's time to update what is coming up on The Barking Eye.   First,  I have contacted the bands "The Blackberries" and Greg from "The Billy Bastards" for info about their recording technique for the material they release through their sites.   Hopefully they send me the goods soon ;-)  Also, the long over due showcase of  local singer Dale Corcoran  along with artist/ graphic designer Errol Monchka.   I am still waiting for George from Crank Sound Distribution for time to get an interview happening.  This is his busy season and we'll have something for you when his schedule opens up.

Numerous recent metal music news stories can be read at Rob's  ""Sault Metal Scene"  and for that reason, I won't repeat those stories here.  Sometimes it's unavoidable as a lot of artists in the Sault crossover different styles of music.  There is enough features to satisfy everyone throughout the numerous local forums.

News Breaks and Rumours:

The old Eastgate Bar has been sitting idle for what seems like years and a recent article on Sootoday says the bar has had an offer placed on it.  Rumours are that the building may be a seniors home or something to that effect.  I'm sure if this falls through, the building will be demolished but you never know.   I do believe the city now owns the property because of unpaid taxes.

Rumours have been going around again about the old stock car track on 5th Line possibly being a concert ground.   When this rumour flew 10 years ago, the neighbours pretty much shut that idea down because of the noise factor.  I'm looking into this again and will hopefully find the details if this is just talk or a possible entertainment facility.   When the Castle Farms concert grounds shut down years ago, there was interest in recreating that concert vibe via the stock car property which  now sits vacant. Every few years this rumour surfaces and it would be cool if they did in fact develop this property for entertainment. 

Local Band CD's coming soon.

Wishbone has recorded their 2nd album.  No release date announced yet.  They are currently rehearsing with new drummer T.J. Case.

Garden of Bedlam are also set to release their latest work and will be featured as the opening act for KISS this August.   Having their CD  finished and printed for this show would be a stellar achievement and in my opinion an absolute must for the  recognition and sales.  I hope they can pull it off.  Can you imagine the exposure?  ;-)

That's it for now.

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  1. Glen, if a news story or post over at the SMS piques your interest for a Barking Eye update, you're more than welcome to mention it here and voice your opinion! The more word on stories, the better, right? I plug Barking Eye stories on the SMS and give you full credit, and you're more than welcome to do the same as long as you cite the info!

    And, of course, it's great to see you back updating things here again!

  1. Thanks Rob. You pretty much cover in detail and if anything, I would only add a point if need be but to cover the same stories is redundant for me. Sometimes I will however make note of something you've written about, like I do on my Freq's Music Planet forum. To be honest, you have more time to dedicate to a broader spectrum of subjects than I can at this point of my life. :-) I'm too busy. :-)
    The Barking Eye is a part time thing so I'm cool with you digging into the stories full force. ;-) I am cool if you do stories on my topics too. I have no problem with that in the least. ;-) As long as the story gets out there, I'm happy.